Activities Shelter

Every year, Siem Reap sees over 130 days of beautiful sunshine. We love the sun and the blue sky. It’s the beautiful weather that attracts a lot of teenagers and young adults to our activities at the lake. In fact, we see about 70 people at the ICF lake every day, during the weekend it’s even more.

We challenge them to overcome their fears at our Rope Park and the zip line, teach swimming and celebrate when they try out new styles on the jumping tower.

Our lake is very refreshing but we definitely lack some shade on those bright sunny days. That is why we want to build a roof that covers the area where we gather. Our goal for this project is 20000 USD. Can you imagine a place where we can have fellowship together without the sun burning on our heads? It will increase the quality of our lake activities and we are sure that more and more teenagers and young adults will join us.