In Cambodia, most people ride a motorbike or a bicycle. We love motos because they are smaller, cheaper and faster than a car, we can even pack whole families on one. It’s fun!  The more people that join our weekly activities, the more important our parking space becomes. Unfortunately, there are a lot of thieves around who are very skilled in stealing parts of the motorbikes. This is why it is important for us to have a secure parking place. We love to serve our visitors, volunteers and staff and don’t want their motorbike to stand in the rain – or under the burning sun. It’s our duty and honor to provide a good and protected place. 

At this point, we have outgrown our first motorbike shelter, on some days, we lack enough space for all of the motorbikes. This is why we need to build an additional shelter.  For this project, our goal is to raise 10’000 USD. We believe that our Community Campus will continue to grow and this additional parking will be an important and necessary upgrade for the future.