Each week we see over 800 youth participate in activities and celebrations on the ICF Campus. They include sports, English classes, and gatherings where they can share interests and experience community.

Since the number of participants is constantly growing, we train young people as leaders. We invest in them so that they can take on more responsibility in the future. This is part of the “Next Generation Leader” program. Here the young adults are taught life and leadership skills such as family values, teamwork, and other social skills.

In January 2019 our first class of Next Generation Leaders graduated their first year of training. This group of 35 teenagers will advance to the second year of training at the beginning of 2019 along with another class of about 40 participants who will start their first year. With the continuously growing number of students, additional classrooms are needed!  Our plan is to build two additional classrooms out of shipping containers and we would love for you to partner with us to make it happen.