We love guests!

Are you a tourist visiting Siem Reap or maybe you’ve followed ICF on social media and now want to see what it’s all about. We would love to meet you. We warmly invite you to our weekly, close-up Icf Experience Tour! It is designed for guests like you, to get to know our Church, NGO and Business up close and first hand. Depending on which parts of the Tour you want to join, you can be a part of many activities.

• See behind the scenes of our organization
• Visit our office facilities and our Community Campus
• Be part of our different Celebrations
• Pick up kids with the truck in their village
• Enjoy some playtime with the kids and youth
• Serve lunch at our Kid’s Celebration
• Meet with our team oof local and ex-pat staff
• Learn about our challenges and our victories while empowering young Cambodians
• See hundreds of smiling faces