ICF Child Sponsorship was birthed out of a felt need discovered through weekly church gatherings at ICF Siem Reap. Our team saw the many needs in the community and felt strongly that we could find a way to help these families. After months of research, ICF Child Sponsorship emerged as a solution to connect on a deeper level with the families of the kids attending our weekly church services. In order to properly address the many issues in and around Siem Reap, ICF Campus, an International NGO was formed. Since registering our first families in 2015 we now support over 400 children representing over 100 families through our Child Sponsorship program. The program is centered around the relationship between our Caseworkers and the families which allows us to care for each family in the most practical way for their specific needs.

Beyond meeting the immediate needs of the community, our goal in creating this program was to find a way to have a lasting impact on these families and their villages for generations to come. In order to do that we created a program that cares for four main areas, spirit, mind, soul, and body. Within each of these areas, our Caseworkers seek to train and equip families to health and wholeness. While our focus is on the child we understand that the health of the whole family is an integral part of the health of the child. Working within the four main areas our Caseworkers will teach and coach families to health where the need is greatest.