What is the goal of the Child Sponsorship Program?

Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty by empowering kids to achieve their God-given potential. Through the Kids Sponsorship Program, many lives of Cambodian children can be changed in a positive way by providing access to education, healthcare and meaningful activities.

Where is ICF Child Sponsorship located?

ICF Kids Sponsorship is located in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The villages around the city and the near remote areas are in the main focus of our program.

How does a sponsored child benefit from a monthly donation?

Every sponsorship makes a big difference in the life of the sponsored child. We want to make sure, that every child is taken care of in a holistic and sustainable way.
Depending on a specific assessment of the families, our trained Caseworkers define the most urgent needs and decide where the money will be invested. It can be to provide school supplies and uniforms, water filter for clean water in their homes, nutrition supplements, food support, medical care, hygiene training or dental care. It can also be invested in medical treatment costs, part of their school fees or Kids Camps with crafts, activities and educational programs.

Do the children and their families know they are being sponsored?

Yes. Our Caseworkers explain the project very carefully to the sponsored families in the villages. If a family agrees to receive help, we register the children and try to connect them to a personal sponsor.

How old are the children in the program?

We register children from birth and they can remain in the program until they are able to graduate and find employment.

How are children selected for a sponsorship?

The first contact is at ICF Kids Church that happens every Sunday morning on our Campus. From there, caseworkers will determine the village the children live in and make a visit. During visits, the caseworkers will get to know the parents and be able to assess existing needs in the families. The goal is to have influence not only on the child but also on the family and the whole community. Being able to work together with the officials in the village and the parents is essential for us.

Can I choose my sponsored child?

If you register through our online form you can note if you have any preferences in gender or age of the child. At events, you are able to choose specific kids.

What makes ICF Sponsorship stand out among others?

We support kids not only with necessities such as education, life skills, and health care but we also value their entire well-being. We focus on the quality of life for each child, rather than the quantity of children we are reaching. Our approach is personal and relational; our Caseworkers visit each child’s home on a regular basis and the kids come to our weekly Kids Church. This regular contact means we know each child and their families personally and are able to ensure that all their needs are being met.
In addition to the individual care, we also organize large-scale events that allow each child to experience new things and make new friends. At our six hectare ICF Campus, we have created a place for hundreds of kids to play, take craft lessons and creative workshops, enjoy games and sports activities.

How are the caseworkers trained?

Our Caseworkers are trained through an 8-month program that includes 3 months intensive training in social work, health care, professional development, language and computer skills; and 5 months supervised practical training on the job. Ongoing training is provided throughout the year.

How can I contact my sponsored child?

It’s very exciting for children to hear from their sponsors. We encourage everyone to write letters with some motivating words. To know that someone cares about their life brings a lot of value and builds up their confidence. The preferred language for letters is English, however, we can also translate them from German if necessary.

For the first contact with your child, you can introduce yourself here.
For all the following letters you can use this form. If you would like to mail a letter please use one of the addresses below. Please note, it can take up to two months until the child receives the letter.

Twice a year the child has the possibility to write a letter back to the sponsor.

ICF Cambodia
P.O. Box 93123
Post Office Siem Reap
855 Siem Reap

Kids Sponsorship
c/o Debbie Ameis
Bodenholzstrasse 45
CH-8340 Hinwil

Kids Sponsorship
c/o Marco und Stefanie Arras
Taunusstein Str 43
DE-65510 Hünstetten

Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?

This is a great way to bring a smile to a child’s face. We encourage you to send small gifts valued up to $20. Make sure your gifts fit inside a 162x229cm (A5) envelope.
Do not send any money, medicine, food, or expensive toys.
Some ideas of what you could send are coloring books, pens, stickers, hairbands, balloons, small puzzles.
Please write the child’s Name and ID number on a note inside the envelope. You can send the gift to the following address:

ICF Cambodia
P.O. Box 93123
Post Office Siem Reap
855 Siem Reap

Will I receive a letter from my sponsored child?

Yes. You can expect to receive a letter from your sponsored child twice a year. Please don’t be disappointed if it seems your sponsored child is not responding quickly. It takes time for the child to write back, for the letter to be translated, and then to be sent to you. The letters are usually in Khmer and will be translated into English.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes, you are very welcome to visit. This would be an amazing experience for both you and your sponsored child. You can fill in this online form to tell us about your plan to visit. As soon as your request reaches us, we will send you all the information you need.

What happens after my sponsorship ends?

As soon as the child graduates from school the Sponsorship stops. You will then have the chance to sponsor further educations or switch to another child.

What if I am unable to continue my sponsorship?

We understand that there are situations in life we cannot anticipate, therefore you always have the option to stop your sponsorship. In such situations, we encourage you to let us know in order to find a solution that enables you to continue your relationship with the child. In that case, please contact sponsorship@icf-cambodia.com.

Could my sponsored child lose the sponsorship?

Yes, under some circumstances this is possible. For example, if the family moves to another province, if the family isn’t willing to send their child to school anymore, or if the family becomes able to provide for themselves. If this happens, we will notify you and offer you the opportunity to sponsor another child.