Can I serve for only one week at ICF Cambodia?
For one week requests, we can only offer weekend assignments. We are always happy to have help with food distribution and support for playtime on campus at the beginning of Kids Church. For weekend volunteering opportunities please register for our ICF Experience

I do not see a job on the homepage where I think I can fit in. Is there still a possibility I can help?
Thank you for your heart to serve with us! Please contact us and share your thoughts. Then we will find out if there is an opportunity for you to volunteer with us.

Will I receive a salary payment as a volunteer?
In principle, ICF Cambodia does not pay wages to international volunteers. All of them have their own donors, who support them financially. After working with ICF Cambodia for 12 months, a volunteer will receive a small monthly bonus. All volunteers can partake in free lunch from Tuesday to Saturday at our office. If you volunteer at church on the weekends, you will also have the option of free meals.

What is the cost of living for a volunteer in Cambodia?
The cost can vary and depends on your standard of living. There are some things that are not expensive in Cambodia like local food or a phone plan. Other things like electricity (air conditioning and refrigerator), and western food are expensive. Means of transportation can also vary depending on your preferences. For one year volunteering in ICF Cambodia we recommend a minimum budget of USD 1000 per month. This is the minimum and does not include emergency expenses, help financially in an emergency or the possibility to be generous. Also there are some one-time expenses, like Flight costs, buying a moto, Visa and Insurance cost. For these expenses we recommend providing a minimum amount of USD 5000. If you are going to work with us, we will assist you in preparing a personal budget.

Do you provide accommodations?
Unfortunately, we are not able to offer accommodation. We recommend staying in a guesthouse for the first two weeks and finding a place to live through local real estate or Facebook groups. We believe it is important to experience life in Siem Reap and then use these impressions to find the right accommodation.

Regarding accommodation, can I live with a local family?
We do not recommend living with a local family in a village. The local housing conditions are often different from the western world. We suggest finding accommodations in the city of Siem Reap.

How do I apply for a visa?
In Cambodia, there is the “tourist visa” and the “ordinary visa”. Both can either be obtained online or purchased upon arrival, at the visa counter or at the border crossing. No further documents are required.

What visa do I need?
For volunteer assignments you need the “ordinary visa”, also called “business visa”. Only this visa can be extended later for more than one month without having to leave the country. The tourist visa can be only extended for one more month. After that, you have to leave the country.

How can I extend my visa?
Within the first thirty days after entering Cambodia, the “ordinary visa” must be extended. This can be done through a travel agency in Siem Reap. We issue the necessary paperwork and help you through the process for renewal.

How much does a visa cost?
The cost of the extension depends on the type of visa. A one-year extension costs USD 300 (as of January 2020)

What options are available to learn the Cambodian language?
You can take private lessons or attend a good language school here. We recommend our long-term volunteers invest in learning the local Khmer language.

What is the weekly schedule in ICF Cambodia?
Generally, we work 40 hours, with a 6-day workweek. Monday is our official day off. This can vary based on your job description and is supervised by the leader you work with.

Is it possible to work only part-time?
Normally we would like to have volunteers who can invest and work with us full time. Exceptional part-time engagements are possible based on personal family situations or other work assignments.

Does a volunteer have any vacation time?
We recommend you take one week of vacation every three months to support a healthy lifestyle. Holiday guidelines will be communicated and explained at the beginning of an assignment.

Will I be able to work with the people in the villages around Siem Reap?
Generally, only our local staff works with families in the village. It is important to understand and speak the local language in order to efficiently work with families.