We love guests and we have so much to share with you. We’ve created a special tour experience just for you. Whether you’re a tourist visiting Siem Reap or you’ve been following ICF on social media and now want to see it with your own eyes this tour is for you.

We warmly invite you to our weekly, close-up ICF Experience Tour!

It is designed for guests like you to get to know our Church, Social Projects and Business up close. Depending on which parts of the tour you want to join you would get a chance to experience some of the following:

  • Take a look behind the scenes
  • Visit the ICF Office, Campus and Wake Park
  • Hear about current and upcoming projects
  • Join weekend Celebrations
  • Accompany Caseworkers into the villages to pick up kids for weekend celebrations
  • Have time to interact and play with kids from local villages at our campus
  • Serve lunch to kids during our Kidschurch Celebration
  • Meet our pastors, local and ex-pat staff and volunteers
  • Learn more about the unique challenges we face here and what we’ve learned through the years
  • Lots of time for questions
  • And much more

WHEN: Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday (each day is a different tour, feel free to join one or all).
WHERE: On the ICF Campus and ICF Office
COSTS: You are our guest, the ICF Experience is free and in most cases includes meals!